Dogs of Chernobyl 2022 Campaign Team

Dogs of Chernobyl 2022 Campaign

January 27, 2023

After a 2-year hiatus due to Covid-19, the number of dogs in the Exclusion Zone increased to an unmanageable level, especially the dogs that reside at the new Safe Confinement Structure in the Local Zone. In the past, the dogs in this area have been difficult to catch due to the vast array of fences and industrial machinery in the area. We knew we had to do something as the number of new puppies born was increasing exponentially. We made plans to conduct the 2022 spay/neuter clinic in May. Unfortunately, due to the invasion of Russian forces at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant our plans were put on hold. Many new puppies were born further increasing the numbers.

In October 2022, the Dogs of Chernobyl team assembled with volunteers from United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Ukraine. We quietly made our way to the power plant where we set up our clinic inside the highly secure area of the local zone. The dogs were trained previously to become accustomed to eating in 2 fenced corrals that were built for this purpose. This made it easier to catch the dogs and thus we were able to successfully spay/neuter/vaccinate/microchip and tattoo 125 dogs that live at the local zone and in the immediate vicinity of the power plant main entrance.

With enormous gratitude, we would like the thank the members of our team who sacrificed a great deal to enter Ukraine, during wartime, to care for the Dogs of Chernobyl in October 2022.

Erik Kambarian
Clean Futures Fund Co-Founder, USA
Dr. Jennifer Betz
Veterinary Medical Director, USA
Dr.Timothy Mousseau
Scientific Research Coordinator, USA
Dr. Pavel Burkazkey
Dog Catching Veterinarian, Ukraine
Dr. Laurel Brenton
Veterinarian, USA
Dr. Iryna Manzhela
Veterinarian, Ukraine
Dr. Anna Sovtus
Veterinarian, Ukraine
Dr. Natasha Sokolova
Veterinarian, Ukraine
Heather Boothe
Catching Team/Clinic Team, USA
Pam Dickens
Catching Team/Clinic Team, USA
Tina Heet
Clinic Team, USA
Ashley Pounder

Clinic Team, UK
Darrin Wittbrot
Catching Team, USA
Yuri Zabrodin
Catching Team, Ukraine
Markus Hegen
Catching Team, Germany
Andrew Simon
Catching Team/Driver/Organizer, Ukraine
Igor Tkachuk
Driver, Ukraine
Andrii Khrapatyi
Driver, Ukraine


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