Dogs of Chernobyl 2023 Campaign Team

Dogs of Chernobyl 2023 Campaign

September 16, 2023

After a successful campaign in October 2022 with 125 dogs sterilized, the team decided to return to the local zone of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in June 2023 to finish what they started the previous October. Some puppies at the New Safe Confinement were to young to undergo surgery in October but were now of age to have sterilization procedures in June. For fear of inbreeding with their brothers and sisters, a small team returned to the NSC and set up a small clinic on the grounds of the local zone. Here they captured and sterilized a handful of dogs in one day.

The team then moved on to Chernobyl town and set up a sterilization clinic at the Chernobyl Research Initiative laboratory in Chernobyl town. Here they were able to sterilize, vaccinate and treat 37 dogs and cats that reside in Chernobyl town with the guards and self settlers. Unfortunately, due to a large storm that knocked out the power and water across town for more than 48 hours, the team was unable to continue sterilization procedures and decided to head to Slavutych a day early to start the Slavutych sterilization campaign.

The team met up with additional volunteers in Slavutych and began a 3 day successful campaign of offering free sterilization procedures, vaccinations and flea/tick medication to the many dogs and cats that reside in the Chernobyl worker town of Slavutych. It was a great success with 237 dogs and cats treated in Slavutych.

While in Slavutych, the team surveyed the Slavutych dog shelter and Cat clinic for future needs to improve the conditions. Discussions and plans were underway to add new concrete slabs and new dogs kennels in the next few months. The team also met with the Slavutych Fire department to deliver aid, The Chernobyl Workers Union, the Retired Workers Union and the Blagodhar Rehabilitation Center where they spent the day doing arts and crafts with the Children of the center.

There is still much more work to be down in the town of Slavutych, so we will be planning another clinic in the town in early 2024. Stay tuned.

With enormous gratitude, we would like to thank the members of our team who sacrificed a great deal to enter Ukraine during this difficult time in June 2023.

Slavutych Team
Slavutych Dogs Shelter
Dr. Jennifer Betz Veterinary Medical Director, USA
Dr.Timothy Mousseau Scientific Research Coordinator, USA
Dr. Laurel Brenton Veterinarian, USA
Dr. Iryna Manzhela Veterinarian, Ukraine
Dr. Anna Sovtus Veterinarian, Ukraine
Dr. Natasha Sokolova Veterinarian, Ukraine
Dr. Dmytro Lychahin veterinarian, Ukraine
Heather Boothe Catching Team/Clinic Team, USA
Markus HegenCatching Team/Clinic Team, Germany
Kerry O’ConnorClinic Team, Japan
Ashley Pounder
 Clinic Team, UK
Darrin Wittbrot Catching Team, Clinic Team, USA
Ludmilla Yurashko Clinic Team, Ukraine
Andrew Simon Catching Team/Driver/Organizer, Ukraine
Igor Tkachuk Driver, Ukraine
Dima Korchak ChNPP & Slavutych Operations Coordinator, Ukraine


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